© Oil, 24 x 30 inch, BREAK OUT STRATEGIES,  St. Germain

painted at the conference at The Mission, Vacaville, Spet 9m 2018.
The painter felt today at Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year,
these items would be important: keys and strategies t
o break out of one’s world into freedom.
It would not be a slow or subtle change,but noticeable to everyone.







© Oil, 24 x 30 inch, BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER, St Germain

This scene made famous by Simon and Garfunkel. To be clear,
God is the bridge over our troubled waters!
These waters are not clear, but that of a swamp.
Not painted with brushes, but with an palette (art) knife.




© Oil, 24 x 30 inch, The Blue Jewel, St. Germain

A jewel is cut and shaped to many angles. Also this one.
For the painter it was a journey of a road less traveled, and not paint
on the subject of this conference.
Another angle of this jewel was for someone who had been struggling
for some time with severe tooth aches, having no funds for the dentist.

Her jaw dropped when she saw the blue jewel being painted, because
inheriting the blue diamond of her grandmother was a deep secret.
A big reminder, she did have the funds!




© Oil, 24 x 30 inch, TSUNAMI, St.Germain

Painted at the Ambassdor Auditorium, in Pasadena, CA
the weekend of the Tsunami in South East Asia.





© Oil, 36 x 36 inch, GLOBAL CHESS 2008,  St Germain
Canvas Not For Sale, Print available

Painted when the economic recession was going on in the USA
and banks declared bankruptcy, and people left and right lost their job,
and/or their house. The choice was to be receptive of the change,
get their unfinished business, also spiritually, in order,
for the train would not wait till tomorrow!
They had to make the choice to follow God’s plan now!




© OIL, 24 X 30 INCH, KEYS and STRATEGIES OF WAR, St Germain

Someone from a town several hours away came, and saw this painting. A family member told us later, it was painted with the symbols he was familiar with,
a difficult war where he had gone through.



Oil, 18 x 36 inch, THE ALMOND BRANCH PROMISE, St Germain

For this painting, the painter had to do some research.
Did not know about almond trees or birds.
This is where God asks Jeremiah, “What do you see?”
Jeremiah responds that it was the branch of an almond. Significant
about the almond flowers are that they are the first ones to bloom.
It follows that the almond flower is a promise for more flowers to come.

The finch is a bird who tells the news everywhere.
This happened to be at a time that the daughter of Kim Clement,
a well known musician and prophet, felt she should plant an almond tree
in her father’s prayer garden.




© OIL, 18 X 36 inch, GIFTS OF THE HEAVENLY FATHER, St Germain

All these gifts are mentioned in First Corinthians, chapters 12-14.
Already before your were born, God has given you one or more
of these gifts. They develop more visibly when you acknowledge
God as your heavenly Father,
and believe that his son Jesus, died for your wrong doings.
Wouldn’t it be great to know which gift(s) you have?




© Oil, 24 x 24 inch,  CREATIONS OF A POET, St Germain

The skill of a poet is to move and transport others
to a different mind set in small or large things.
The poet knits words to make new connections clear to us.



© Oil, 24 x 24 inch, PASSION OF HEAVEN,  St Germain
Only print is available
The passion to write is the gift of a scribe. Easy to understand
the magnitudeof this gift, if you think about it that the history
and stories of the Books (Bible) has been preserved for over
two thousand years! Heaven’s desire is for you to know
and remember that God has come through for His children
and never abandoned them, even in times that they abandoned Him.



Oil, 24 x 30 inch, THE CROSSING, St Germain
Only print is available.
Every year we cross the river, from one year over into another,
with the heavenly city in the distance.