Oil, 9 x 7 feet, ©The Red Line, ©StGermain
Below the parts of this painting to explain what is going on here.


The woman sitting and writing in a book,
had the vision, that she is facing (10 years ago).

Above her  the angels coming from earth with a basket
carrying a baby. I understood these were born and unborn babies.
I once had a vision of one coming from heaven towards me at great speed,
a week after the baby of a young couple had died of a metabolic disorder.
The hospital and they had desperately tried to keep the baby alive.
I immediately jotted it down in a sketch
and gave it in watercolor form to the parents.




The woman, later a social worker,
came in one of my art workshops
to ask if I also painted visions of others. She told me her
vision was “as big as a wall” where children in heaven
stood with the very thing in their hand of what they would
have become, if they had lived on earth.
Unfortunately I only painted small, but her vision
has never left me. After a decade I had enough skill
to tackle bigger sizes, and knew I was going to paint
the Wedding Feast, I included this painting
in my purchase of what I needed on canvas.

Not knowing that after painting the Wedding Feast,
abortion would suddenly a big issue again in America!

Painting the red line, came in the process of needing
“something” that the kids in this line would stand out.
It took me a while to paint a line that was red,
but after a whileI saw how much it fit with the subject!



During my psychological practice several were dealing
with abortion. They were haunted by what they had done,
and had been grieving every since.
This is what I saw one night  taking up my whole visual field.
Could see and hear everything, but they could not see
me, the painter on the right bottom
Also, I was not able to go through the transparent
barrier between heaven and me.
Saw angels and adults taking care of young children,
like  in the morning when kids make themselves ready
for school. It was such a pleasant atmosphere,
no yelling, screaming, or fighting!
It was a great relief to know that aborted babies go
to a place they are taken care of and are loved.



The Little Boy’s Dream
Jesus asked this boy, “What would you like to become?
“I dreamed of having a vineyard!”
Immediately his dream became visible.
Jesus laughed, “That’s great! Then you can make wine for us. Look at you! You already have the right clothes on!”
This insert was not a vision, but something in general that takes place in life when we think what we would like to be when we grow up (has to do with identity) .



The quest of Jesus’ Face.  For a long time it was a puzzled how people described Jesus, and they all had a different description. Same with artists. They each gave him a very different face!

From all the people who told Jesus appeared to them, I have a tentative conclusion that He appears how people need him to be (a shepherd and One who takes care of him or her, as a  holy God, as a Healer, etc.)  Jesus is here for the little boy like a big brother or parent.


This painting took 3 months. Since it is a painting about children, I decided to paint it from how  a child would see it. Playful and without much symbolism.
If you have questions or something is not clear, please let me know and I’ll try to answer you to the best of the little knowledge I have on this subject.